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Personalized Funerals in Halifax

Life Journey Funeral Planning


The need for independent funeral planners

In Canada Nova Scotia has the dubious honour of being the highest place in Canada to buy a traditional funeral and it is also the third highest place in Canada to purchase a cremation according to a 2012 Everest survey of funeral costs in Canada. 

Why do Nova Scotians and people in general over spend on funerals:

  • Families are simply not ready or prepared to deal with the death of a loved one.
  • Emotional over spending at the time of death is the main reason most people spend more than they need on a funeral for their loved ones. 
  • The death industry is a for profit industry serving people at their most vulnerable times. Their funeral directors/staff are highly trained professionals who do their best to assist families by selling the merchandise  and services of their funeral home.
  • Families rarely bring an independent knowledgeable adviser with them when they go to a funeral home or cemetery. 
  • Most families are not emotionally prepared to do comparative shopping when faced with grief. They just want to do what they feel their loved one might have wanted.
  • Families are unaware or do not know how to plan their funeral in advance.

Having an independent funeral planner at their side helps families make better decisions. Decisions not based on grief but based on informed choices and options to meet their needs. 

Progressive funeral homes appreciate having an independent adviser with the family just as good realtors respect customers hiring an independent home inspector. 

The best way to plan funerals is to plan in advance.

Life Journey Funeral Planning believes families should plan for a funeral the same way as any major life event:

  • Plan for it in advance.
  • Get good advice
  • Examine all options
  • Budget
  • Shop to get good value for your money.
  • Make an informed decision.
  • Execute your plan.

A personal funeral plan should be part of everyone's end of life preparations along with their life insurance, care directive, power of attorney and their will. There are many inevitable things in life that we should and do plan for. Our funeral is just one more. 

Life Journey Funeral Planning works to help families plan for this inevitable life event with celebrations to fulfill their needs and budget. 


Robert Burns

Black and white satire on the high cost of funerals.

from the Jack Parr show