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Personalized Funerals in Halifax

Life Journey Funeral Planning


About Life Journey Funeral Planning

Life Journey Funeral Planning is a sole proprietorship owned by me,

Ian MacDonald. I started this business to help families make better personalized funeral plans in Halifax.

There is a need for families to reclaim the purpose of funerals. A celebration of life should shape grief to be more healing, and helpful without over spending. 

​Life Journey Funeral Planning is my solution. A solution that empowers the family at a time they need it most.

I have:

  • Provided simple, personal and meaningful services;
  • Saved families thousands of dollars;
  • Helped sell unused cemetery property no longer needed by the family;
  • Been guest speaker for groups from 12 to over 150 people on funeral planning;
  • Facilitated difficult family discussions on pre-planning;
  • Assisted families in shopping for a funeral home or funeral merchandise and services.

​My best compliment came from a family who said "I am really looking forward to the Celebration of Life." and after the service they said, "It was a great service, simple, personal and meaningful."

Lets get together or just contact me if you would like more information.

Take care and love those you're with,

Ian MacDonald

Independent Funeral Planner

Life Journey Funeral Planning



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Who is Ian MacDonald?

  • Owner Life Journey Funeral Planning
  • Volunteer Chair CARP Nova Scotia
  • ABCs of Fraud Protection Presenter
  • Certified Nordic Pole Walking Instructor
  • Board Member Serving Seniors Alliance Co-operative
  • Past Chair Metro Executive  Group